Culture Test

Using your mouse, reorder the following statements from 1 – 8
according to what best describes your organization's culture

[1 = the best description of your company’s culture; 8 = the worst fitting description]

  • 1 .
    A Warm, collaborative and welcoming place where people help and support one another. It feels like a big family.
  • 2 .
    A Compassionate and tolerant place where people try to do good for the long term future of the world.
  • 3 .
    An inventive and open minded place where people spark new ideas and explore alternatives.
  • 4 .
    A Playful, lighthearted environment where people tend to do what makes them happy. It feels like party or celebration.
  • 5 .
    An outcome oriented and merit-based place where people are driven to achieve top performance.
  • 6 .
    A competitive place where people strive to gain personal advantage.
  • 7 .
    An orderly place where people tend to play by the rules and have a desire to fit in.
  • 8 .
    A predictable place where people tend to play it safe and think things through carefully.